Australian C8 Corvettes Started Production on Sept 13th 2021, Vehicles start arriving in GMSV Showrooms from Nov 23rd 2021.

First batch of 228 Vehicles are Sold Out with more Vehicles able to be ordered for MY23 Model Year at your Local GMSV Dealers


General Motors Specialty Vehicles (GMSV) spokesperson said the Z06 has yet to be confirmed for any right-hand drive markets. 

“No right-hand drive markets have been confirmed as part of the Z06 programme,” they said.

“At GMSV, we’re concentrating on bringing the all-new C8 Corvette to Australia and New Zealand – the first time it’s been available direct from the factory as right-hand-drive.”

NZ Autocar contacted GMSV’s local spokesperson, and they confirmed that the statement also applied to the New Zealand market. 

“We haven’t advised it’s LHD only, we’ve stated that no RHD markets have been confirmed as part of a Z06 programme. But yes, the same statement is correct for both markets,” they said. 

Dec 5th 2021

RHD Cars start to arrive in Australia for Customers, the first customer cars arrived in Perth, larger numbers of cars due to arrive before Jan 2022, However GMSV wait till 2022 to supply to customers so they can be complianced as 2022.

Also GMSV confirms Z06 for Australia for MY24 model year due to arrive Q3 2023.

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